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It’s about 7:30pm and I need to make another pot of coffee. Now I really doubt it affects my sleep in any major way. I’m just slightly bored and seeing as I have not made anything for dinner I figure I will just have more coffee instead. Some people think it’s wierd that I can drink coffee all day long, but then I think its wierd when they can only drink 1 or 2 cups with breakfast and have no more for the rest of the day. I remember when I worked at Hardee’s in Florida, they even stopped making coffee to sell when breakfast was over.

One of my sons will drink coffee to fall asleep. Which to me is also wierd. The only time I get effected by coffee is if I have to much coffee without any food…and then it ain’t a good effect.

The picture of the container of “Folgers-Gourmet Supreme” is what I have now. Actually ground coffee in big containers like that lose their flavor faster then if I bought coffee beans and could grind them up myself. I have heard of some people putting their coffee in the frig, but I’m not sure how that works because moisture also makes coffee lose flavor.

When I was first checking out info about Alaska, it was interesting to find out that Alaska has its own special coffee “Kaladi Brothers Coffee”.

Today I have been trying to add new items in my zazzle store. Of course one of my favorite things to design is coffee mugs.
As of right now I have 16 mugs designed on that site, but will add more later. Which is 1 reason I lost track of time and skipped dinner tonight.
(actually I might just take a break from the laptop and go get a snack at Maswik Cafe). Didn’t I already mention that I need food when I have to much coffee 🙂


Community Dinner

Once a week, a few people here in the park put out a free dinner for everyone. Usually I am working on the night that they have dinner but seeing as I am off this week I got to go. There will be 4 more dinner nights with the last dinner being on Feb. 16th; which is the night before Yavapai Cafeteria reopens.
Dinner tonight was a tuna melt (not sure why it didn’t have the 2nd slice of bread)and in the small bowl is cornbread stuffing (this recipe was new to me). The basket in front of my plate in the picture above was packages of cookies and everyone got 1 package. Later after I took this picture they passed out some type of homemade bread (it was NOT good).
Overall I don’t think I missed much by working the other times this dinner was being held.

In other news: The Southern chef, Paula Dean (AKA~the butter Queen of Comfort Cuisine) has admitted that she has Type 2 diabetes. From what I remember about her, I am not surprised by this. Wonder if she will change her eating habits now. One of her favorite things was a “deep-fried cheesecake”…now I love cheesecake and I also eat fried food, but who in their right mind would deep-fry a cheesecake?

I guess I should not criticize her eating because mine isn’t much better. Diabetes runs in my family with a few different family members that have to take insulin shots everyday and some that just take the diabetic pills. I am so scatter-brained & disorganized that I would never remember to keep track of meds if I had to ever take them.

To Many Snacks

Yesterday I had gone up to our general store. Mostly I needed coffee, but while I was there I roamed around the store and ended up getting some junk food…

According to the nutrition label on my bag…3 donuts made up 1 serving and there were 7 servings in the whole bag. Well in less then 24 hours I ate the whole bag. Lets see at 230 calories per serving, that means I ate 1610 calories in just donuts. Nevermind what else I ate within the last 24 hours….hmmm, pasta salad, chocolate pudding, saltine crackers with peanut butter, naked juice & vodka. It all adds up to a ton of calories and none of it was very healthy.

Now that the donuts are gone, maybe I can just grab the apples to eat whenever I get the munchies today. Later this evening there is a “free” community dinner. I think TraceyJo told me that some Tuna Melt Casserole was on the menu this week.

Well I guess I know why my waist is getting bigger.

How I’m Spending My Late Night

Well I ain’t in school anymore, so I ain’t up studying for a test 🙂
Actually I am doing laundry, getting bags of trash ready to throw out and a couple other chores and obviously taking a break from all that to spend some time online now.

I have a brown travel bag and should see exactly how much clothes actually fit in it; so that I have a better idea of what I can bring to Alaska. Then maybe I can finally give the rest away. Which will save on doing laundry for the rest of the time I am here.
*EDIT* I think this brown bag just might work out fine…it holds more then I thought it would.

As usual when I am up late, I want to eat. Tonight I am eating saltine crackers with peanut butter. I even found a can of crushed pineapple. Now that should cure any cravings for something salty & sweet. It’s probably better then the usual junk I eat. Of course to wash it all down I’m making another small pot of coffee. I will have to go up to the general store later to buy more coffee, as I am running out.

Maybe I will try and see if the latest episode of “The Biggest Loser” is on hulu yet. From what I have read online this season is alot different then the few others that I have seen.

So far weatherbug is predicting temps in the 50’s for the rest of the week. We might get rain this coming weekend and maybe some more snow next Monday. Which is fine with me…maybe by then I will be down in Williams visiting Susan.


Maybe someone noticed that I have not been blogging much since Thanksgiving. Then again maybe nobody did because not many people read my blog.

My mom died in early December and I went to NH for a week and stayed with my Aunt Geri (my mom’s younger sister). First time I have chatted with her in over 30 years and would have been nice if I had been able to stay longer.

I would really like to figure out a way to earn money from blogging, but I seem to be just writing to myself. Nobody has explained how “I” can make money just from typing a blog online. I’m not selling ebooks, don’t know how to link ads to my blog, and have nothing else to sell…basically I just blog about my life. Guess my life is pretty boring.

I have about 68 days left before I move to Anchorage,AK. I can’t really afford to move but I am doing it anyways. Tired enough of where I am, that I don’t really care if I can afford it or not.

I have a few days off from work, and still need to give stuff away to neighbors. I hope to be staying in a hostel in Anchorage (after today’s email, I’m not so sure) and I won’t be keeping much of my stuff. Well I started out my traveling journey as a some-what minimalist, then I became a hoarder since I got here in early 2007, and now I need to get back to being a minimalist.