Once a week, a few people here in the park put out a free dinner for everyone. Usually I am working on the night that they have dinner but seeing as I am off this week I got to go. There will be 4 more dinner nights with the last dinner being on Feb. 16th; which is the night before Yavapai Cafeteria reopens.
Dinner tonight was a tuna melt (not sure why it didn’t have the 2nd slice of bread)and in the small bowl is cornbread stuffing (this recipe was new to me). The basket in front of my plate in the picture above was packages of cookies and everyone got 1 package. Later after I took this picture they passed out some type of homemade bread (it was NOT good).
Overall I don’t think I missed much by working the other times this dinner was being held.

In other news: The Southern chef, Paula Dean (AKA~the butter Queen of Comfort Cuisine) has admitted that she has Type 2 diabetes. From what I remember about her, I am not surprised by this. Wonder if she will change her eating habits now. One of her favorite things was a “deep-fried cheesecake”…now I love cheesecake and I also eat fried food, but who in their right mind would deep-fry a cheesecake?

I guess I should not criticize her eating because mine isn’t much better. Diabetes runs in my family with a few different family members that have to take insulin shots everyday and some that just take the diabetic pills. I am so scatter-brained & disorganized that I would never remember to keep track of meds if I had to ever take them.