It’s about 7:30pm and I need to make another pot of coffee. Now I really doubt it affects my sleep in any major way. I’m just slightly bored and seeing as I have not made anything for dinner I figure I will just have more coffee instead. Some people think it’s wierd that I can drink coffee all day long, but then I think its wierd when they can only drink 1 or 2 cups with breakfast and have no more for the rest of the day. I remember when I worked at Hardee’s in Florida, they even stopped making coffee to sell when breakfast was over.

One of my sons will drink coffee to fall asleep. Which to me is also wierd. The only time I get effected by coffee is if I have to much coffee without any food…and then it ain’t a good effect.

The picture of the container of “Folgers-Gourmet Supreme” is what I have now. Actually ground coffee in big containers like that lose their flavor faster then if I bought coffee beans and could grind them up myself. I have heard of some people putting their coffee in the frig, but I’m not sure how that works because moisture also makes coffee lose flavor.

When I was first checking out info about Alaska, it was interesting to find out that Alaska has its own special coffee “Kaladi Brothers Coffee”.

Today I have been trying to add new items in my zazzle store. Of course one of my favorite things to design is coffee mugs.
As of right now I have 16 mugs designed on that site, but will add more later. Which is 1 reason I lost track of time and skipped dinner tonight.
(actually I might just take a break from the laptop and go get a snack at Maswik Cafe). Didn’t I already mention that I need food when I have to much coffee 🙂