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I Got A “Snow Day”

I bet Michael will be froze by the time he gets done snow-blowing around Maswik. I walked down to Maswik to call work to tell them that the shuttle buses were not running until around 11am. My manager told me not to worry about it and take the day off. WOW! I guess school kids ain’t the only ones who get snow-days.

Michael’s daughter, Hope, is standing over near the sign…she was supposed to go meet her mom at the store, but we just hung-out at Maswik for awhile after I had breakfast. Obviously with the buses not running, we were not getting to Marketplaza this morning. Hopefully buses run on time tomorrow morning cuz I have to be at work at 6am tomorrow and I need to get to the post office too.

Below is my driveway when I got home about 10:30am. By then my feet were COLD and nothing left for me to do except hurry inside and make a pot of coffee. At least the roads were not icy while I walked home.

Supposedly we should have nicer weather tomorrow then more snow on Thursday…aahh, I guess March will come in like a lion, which mean it should go out like a lamb.  I will be in Alaska by the end of March and Alaska is not having good luck with the weather this Winter. Just as long as I don’t turn into a frozen popsicle before Alaska has its Spring-time, I should be fine.


New Friend~Willow the Mule

Yesterday after I got out of work, I signed up for today’s mule ride. Guests have to pay $120, employees get a discount during the month of Feb. and only pay $25.  Everyone has to get weighed because the mules have a weight-limit. According to the scale that mule guides use;  I now weigh more then I have ever weighed in my entire life…including each time I went into the hospital to deliver babies.  No wonder they gave me such a HUGE mule.

Here we are near the Abyss.  Getting on & off this HUGE mule is not easy. While sitting up on the mule, you don’t get the feeling that she is so huge.  Hopefully some-day in the future, someone will invent a padded saddle. My mule’s name is Willow and was told that she is also the mule that they use for alot of kids and just anyone who is not used to riding.

She loved to chew on stuff. She even started chewing on the barn before we got started. and would stop quite a few times to chew on shrubs & trees along the path on the way out to the Abyss. But she was pretty good about keeping up with all the other mules too.

Well I can check this off the bucket list now…and yeah, even though Willow was a great mule, I think 1 mule ride is enough for me. At least until someone invents a better saddle. Man-O-Man am I sore!! Got home over 2 hours ago, and I am still having a hard time moving around. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow when I clock into work at 10am.

30 More Days To Go

My last day of work here at the Grand Canyon is 30 days from now, on March 25th.

I had asked a couple people in the HR department about getting my last paycheck on the 21st…if I checked out early. But they would still have to mail it to me later. So I will just stick with the original plan of working till the 25th, and leaving the park on the 26th.

Yesterday I picked up 2 decorative mailing boxes from the post office. I need to mail out some stuff to Liz. The boxes cost $4.29 each. I’m hoping to mail them out Tuesday seeing as I don’t have to start work until 10:00am that day. This gives me a few days to get stuff organized & ready to ship out. Then I still need another box to send out my son’s stuff.

I also talked to someone who work in the gift shop and found out that he needs a microwave & vaccum. My microwave blew out the light-bulb over a year ago but it still works, so I will give it to him when I go.

Monday will be my last day off for this month, so I will finally go on the mule ride to the Abyss Point then. It’s either do it then or never because the employee discount ends on Feb. 29th. Just my luck, a friend told me that we are supposed to get a bit of snow on Monday.

B_zazzled with Sunshine’s Creations

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I had started designing gift items on zazzle back in April 2008. Lately I have gotten back to designing alot more items. I’m having fun coming up with new designs for travel mugs, teapots, coffee mugs and other gift items.  Above are links to just some of my coffee-mugs and also a travel-mug and 1 teapot.

I remember my mom & grandmothers always had a huge collection of coffee mugs and figured if anyone drank as much coffee as I do, then they probably want lots of mugs around.

I’ve also joined a few groups on facebook,hoping to learn new ideas on how to better sell stuff…because as of right now I have not sold anything.

Hopefully making all these gift items will keep my mind off food too. At least 2 pair of pants that I plan on taking with me to Alaska have gotten to tight. I either have to eat less, just eat differently, or do some sit-ups. Actually a lady from Flagstaff seems to be having good luck with the Atkins diet, so maybe I should look into that. Otherwise I won’t have many clothes left to wear.

Good To The Last Bite

Now lets face it…I love to eat; but then who doesn’t? It’s one addiction that you can’t quit cold turkey because you need food in order to live. There are tons of arguments about what kind of food to eat in order to live better though.
I don’t always choose the best food around. This morning I walked to the employee cafeteria to have an omelette for breakfast. Their special for today was “corn-beef hash & eggs”. Now how the heck exactly is corn-beef hash made??? I don’t know but it has never looked very appetizing to me.

I bought some snacks to bring home…of course snacks from that place are never healthy. I got a Kit-Kat candybar, a package of 6 little Hostess donuts, a cinnamon roll & Banana.

Then after lunch-time,I went up to our General store to get a 3 apples for $1.57, 2 oranges for $1.19, 1 container of yogurt for .67, a frozen peach pie(mini single-serving size) for $1.22, and package of 8 hamburg buns $4.17…and if I had realized that 8 buns would cost that much then I would not of bought them. Guess that should teach me to check prices better.
But at least I checked out the prices for yogurt before buying it. Our store has a few new brands that I have been curious about but I ain’t paying almost $2 for a small container of yogurt just because its made in Iceland, and the greek yogurt isn’t much cheaper then that.

Now I got thinking about my old Weight Watchers group this morning. I was allowed to have 29 points a day. Technically it didn’t matter where the 29 points came from as long as I didn’t eat more points then I was allowed. So if I wanted to eat 29 points worth of Kit-Kat bars. Actually if I figured out the points correctly…the 1 candybar I had today was worth 6 points, and my mini peach pie was worth 10 points. So I ate over 1/2 my points with just 2 items.

Seeing as fresh fruit & raw veggies are worth zero points,I will be better off sticking with my apples, oranges & baby carrots.

Super Bowl Weekend

Well my shedule at work has gotten all changed around this week. I had Thursday off but seeing as I didn’t know that, I walked down to Maswik for work. Good thing seeing as a few people called out, so I ended up closing by myself anyways. I had yesterday & today off from work and will go back tomorrow. It is Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow so I’m sure I won’t be sent home early. I will assume we will be busy…at least the pizza pub should have lots of people in watching the game. Usually the cooks make up tons of “spicy hot wings” and something they call “Monkey Bread”. I don’t like anything real spicy but I might sneak into the kitchen to get a taste of the monkey bread. I might also grab a slice of pizza during my lunchbreak.

I’m not a sports person, so I don’t really care who wins; but I’m sure with all the excitement from everyone at work that I will be kept up-to-date with the score anyways. Besides if I know the scores, then I will know what my sons & grandson are talking about later on facebook. After I get out of work on Sunday, I will check online to see what the commercials were during the game. Usually they have some pretty good commercials…seems wierd though that companies spend tons of money on commercials that are ONLY shown during the super bowl game.

Today I went up to the post office & general store. I wish the post office was open more then just 2 hours on Saturday. Walking around the store today, got me thinking on how people will try to remind me on how expensive everything is in Alaska. Well I was able to get the discount here BUT today I bought…a container of Pringles for $2.26, box of “Act 2” microwave popcorn (6 bags in box) for $4.81, 3/4 pound of pasta salad from the deli for $2.69, 1 box with 2 hot pockets for $3.73, 1 small can of sliced pears for $2.75, and a package of cinnamon-flavored applesauce that come in 6 little single serving containers for $3.35…then while waiting in the check-out line I grab a candybar for $1.90 & tic-tacs for $1.59.
I figure that if I can pay these prices (and those were the discount prices, not the prices our guests pay). Then I should also be able to afford the prices in Alaska.

Well I guess I should go do laundry for work tomorrow…no sense in always waiting till the last minute. As far as I can see there is no snow in the forecast…in 1948 the super bowl game was played during a blizzard. I’m pretty sure they are safe this year.