Well my shedule at work has gotten all changed around this week. I had Thursday off but seeing as I didn’t know that, I walked down to Maswik for work. Good thing seeing as a few people called out, so I ended up closing by myself anyways. I had yesterday & today off from work and will go back tomorrow. It is Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow so I’m sure I won’t be sent home early. I will assume we will be busy…at least the pizza pub should have lots of people in watching the game. Usually the cooks make up tons of “spicy hot wings” and something they call “Monkey Bread”. I don’t like anything real spicy but I might sneak into the kitchen to get a taste of the monkey bread. I might also grab a slice of pizza during my lunchbreak.

I’m not a sports person, so I don’t really care who wins; but I’m sure with all the excitement from everyone at work that I will be kept up-to-date with the score anyways. Besides if I know the scores, then I will know what my sons & grandson are talking about later on facebook. After I get out of work on Sunday, I will check online to see what the commercials were during the game. Usually they have some pretty good commercials…seems wierd though that companies spend tons of money on commercials that are ONLY shown during the super bowl game.

Today I went up to the post office & general store. I wish the post office was open more then just 2 hours on Saturday. Walking around the store today, got me thinking on how people will try to remind me on how expensive everything is in Alaska. Well I was able to get the discount here BUT today I bought…a container of Pringles for $2.26, box of “Act 2” microwave popcorn (6 bags in box) for $4.81, 3/4 pound of pasta salad from the deli for $2.69, 1 box with 2 hot pockets for $3.73, 1 small can of sliced pears for $2.75, and a package of cinnamon-flavored applesauce that come in 6 little single serving containers for $3.35…then while waiting in the check-out line I grab a candybar for $1.90 & tic-tacs for $1.59.
I figure that if I can pay these prices (and those were the discount prices, not the prices our guests pay). Then I should also be able to afford the prices in Alaska.

Well I guess I should go do laundry for work tomorrow…no sense in always waiting till the last minute. As far as I can see there is no snow in the forecast…in 1948 the super bowl game was played during a blizzard. I’m pretty sure they are safe this year.