Now lets face it…I love to eat; but then who doesn’t? It’s one addiction that you can’t quit cold turkey because you need food in order to live. There are tons of arguments about what kind of food to eat in order to live better though.
I don’t always choose the best food around. This morning I walked to the employee cafeteria to have an omelette for breakfast. Their special for today was “corn-beef hash & eggs”. Now how the heck exactly is corn-beef hash made??? I don’t know but it has never looked very appetizing to me.

I bought some snacks to bring home…of course snacks from that place are never healthy. I got a Kit-Kat candybar, a package of 6 little Hostess donuts, a cinnamon roll & Banana.

Then after lunch-time,I went up to our General store to get a 3 apples for $1.57, 2 oranges for $1.19, 1 container of yogurt for .67, a frozen peach pie(mini single-serving size) for $1.22, and package of 8 hamburg buns $4.17…and if I had realized that 8 buns would cost that much then I would not of bought them. Guess that should teach me to check prices better.
But at least I checked out the prices for yogurt before buying it. Our store has a few new brands that I have been curious about but I ain’t paying almost $2 for a small container of yogurt just because its made in Iceland, and the greek yogurt isn’t much cheaper then that.

Now I got thinking about my old Weight Watchers group this morning. I was allowed to have 29 points a day. Technically it didn’t matter where the 29 points came from as long as I didn’t eat more points then I was allowed. So if I wanted to eat 29 points worth of Kit-Kat bars. Actually if I figured out the points correctly…the 1 candybar I had today was worth 6 points, and my mini peach pie was worth 10 points. So I ate over 1/2 my points with just 2 items.

Seeing as fresh fruit & raw veggies are worth zero points,I will be better off sticking with my apples, oranges & baby carrots.