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I had started designing gift items on zazzle back in April 2008. Lately I have gotten back to designing alot more items. I’m having fun coming up with new designs for travel mugs, teapots, coffee mugs and other gift items.  Above are links to just some of my coffee-mugs and also a travel-mug and 1 teapot.

I remember my mom & grandmothers always had a huge collection of coffee mugs and figured if anyone drank as much coffee as I do, then they probably want lots of mugs around.

I’ve also joined a few groups on facebook,hoping to learn new ideas on how to better sell stuff…because as of right now I have not sold anything.

Hopefully making all these gift items will keep my mind off food too. At least 2 pair of pants that I plan on taking with me to Alaska have gotten to tight. I either have to eat less, just eat differently, or do some sit-ups. Actually a lady from Flagstaff seems to be having good luck with the Atkins diet, so maybe I should look into that. Otherwise I won’t have many clothes left to wear.