My last day of work here at the Grand Canyon is 30 days from now, on March 25th.

I had asked a couple people in the HR department about getting my last paycheck on the 21st…if I checked out early. But they would still have to mail it to me later. So I will just stick with the original plan of working till the 25th, and leaving the park on the 26th.

Yesterday I picked up 2 decorative mailing boxes from the post office. I need to mail out some stuff to Liz. The boxes cost $4.29 each. I’m hoping to mail them out Tuesday seeing as I don’t have to start work until 10:00am that day. This gives me a few days to get stuff organized & ready to ship out. Then I still need another box to send out my son’s stuff.

I also talked to someone who work in the gift shop and found out that he needs a microwave & vaccum. My microwave blew out the light-bulb over a year ago but it still works, so I will give it to him when I go.

Monday will be my last day off for this month, so I will finally go on the mule ride to the Abyss Point then. It’s either do it then or never because the employee discount ends on Feb. 29th. Just my luck, a friend told me that we are supposed to get a bit of snow on Monday.