Yesterday after I got out of work, I signed up for today’s mule ride. Guests have to pay $120, employees get a discount during the month of Feb. and only pay $25.  Everyone has to get weighed because the mules have a weight-limit. According to the scale that mule guides use;  I now weigh more then I have ever weighed in my entire life…including each time I went into the hospital to deliver babies.  No wonder they gave me such a HUGE mule.

Here we are near the Abyss.  Getting on & off this HUGE mule is not easy. While sitting up on the mule, you don’t get the feeling that she is so huge.  Hopefully some-day in the future, someone will invent a padded saddle. My mule’s name is Willow and was told that she is also the mule that they use for alot of kids and just anyone who is not used to riding.

She loved to chew on stuff. She even started chewing on the barn before we got started. and would stop quite a few times to chew on shrubs & trees along the path on the way out to the Abyss. But she was pretty good about keeping up with all the other mules too.

Well I can check this off the bucket list now…and yeah, even though Willow was a great mule, I think 1 mule ride is enough for me. At least until someone invents a better saddle. Man-O-Man am I sore!! Got home over 2 hours ago, and I am still having a hard time moving around. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow when I clock into work at 10am.