I bet Michael will be froze by the time he gets done snow-blowing around Maswik. I walked down to Maswik to call work to tell them that the shuttle buses were not running until around 11am. My manager told me not to worry about it and take the day off. WOW! I guess school kids ain’t the only ones who get snow-days.

Michael’s daughter, Hope, is standing over near the sign…she was supposed to go meet her mom at the store, but we just hung-out at Maswik for awhile after I had breakfast. Obviously with the buses not running, we were not getting to Marketplaza this morning. Hopefully buses run on time tomorrow morning cuz I have to be at work at 6am tomorrow and I need to get to the post office too.

Below is my driveway when I got home about 10:30am. By then my feet were COLD and nothing left for me to do except hurry inside and make a pot of coffee. At least the roads were not icy while I walked home.

Supposedly we should have nicer weather tomorrow then more snow on Thursday…aahh, I guess March will come in like a lion, which mean it should go out like a lamb.  I will be in Alaska by the end of March and Alaska is not having good luck with the weather this Winter. Just as long as I don’t turn into a frozen popsicle before Alaska has its Spring-time, I should be fine.