I have always heard the old saying “In like a llion, then out like a lamb”. It was what people always said to describe the weather during the month of March.  Well late this morning it got real windy but at least we didn’t get the snow that was predicted for today.  The high temps for today was about 39-40 degrees. So does a little wind mean that March came in like a lion or not? Well another lady that lives in Prescott,AZ (and writes a blog that I read often) seems to think today was a lion…so I guess I will go with that for now.

Today also started the new schedules for Yavapai’s open times and also for the shuttles. I got the employee shuttle at 4:15am today. But tomorrow I think I will catch the regular shuttle at 4:38am

There was a health inspection at work around 1:00pm.I got sent home early…about 12:10 because business was so slow. I guess next week we start getting our “Spring Break” guests coming in, so we will get busy then.

Anyways I was in a hurry to catch the shuttle this morning and forgot to grab money for lunch, so I had to wait until I got home and then I only ate a banana and celery sticks with peanut butter. Yes I know, it wasn’t much of a lunch.  But after getting weighed a few days ago for my mule ride, I’m sure I could live just fine with a whole month of my skimpy lunches.