Well my last day of work at the Grand canyon, was Saturday, the 24th. I hung around 4 extra days clearing out my room…giving stuff away to my dorm neighbors (they thought it was Christmas), I mailed a few boxes of stuff to my daughter in Maine, and I practically filled up a HUGE green dumpster in my parking lot all by myself. After mailing stuff to my daughter on Tuesday, I still ended up finding more stuff that should have gone to her. So I packed that up and brought to Flagstaff with me and then mailed out another small box to her today. And I still have to go through the stuff I have left here with me in Flagstaff, because even though I only have 2 bags left; they are very heavy bags. Yes alot of people were surprised that I got 5 years worth of stuff down to 2 bags…BUT I finally did it, and I don’t won’t to go shopping again for a very long time.

Last night after I arrived at the hostel in Flagstaff, I went out to eat. There is a place right nearby that I have never been in before. I decided to try their special for the night. “Texas Burger with Fries”~ They put pepper or something a little spicy on the fries…not my thing and the burger was not my favorite either. Even though it was not a great meal I still tipped the waitress…with a handful of change. I shouldn’t complain because it was the first thing I had eaten all day. I was to busy moving to eat before this. I was to tired to even read the menu to see if there was anything better.

Then this morning, I had the usual hostel breakfast. Instant oatmeal, toast and fruit (I grabbed an apple for later). Breakfast & coffee started at 7am. Thought I was going to die from lack of coffee by then.

An now ex-coworker that I always called “Grandpa” had gotten interested in a new book & diet called “Blood Sugar Solutions” and I now have the book on my kindle. Wonder if I can make that diet work for me while I am in Alaska.

One thing that made my bags so heavy yesterday was my container of change…I finally took it to Safeway to dump into their “coin star” machine. I was surprised that it came to about $104 worth of change. No wonder it was so heavy. I had given a bigger container filled with just pennies to an ex-coworker when he picked up my old desktop & printer. So I am still waiting for him to email me to let me know how much all the pennies came to. When he picked it up, he guessed that the container weighed about 30 pounds. I just didn’t want to carry that around Flagstaff today. Besides seeing as he said he would check out the desk top and get my old pictures off it and send them all to me…I figured he will earn all the pennies.

Later that night, I walked over to a Greek restaurant for dinner. I’m not sure if I have ever had Greek food, but the Chicken Pita Wrap I ordered was pretty good. Unfortunately it was to huge to eat. I brought it back to the hostel but ended up throwing it out when I left the next morning. Yes, I still need to learn not to order so much food…or just not to go out and buy anything I don’t really need (including food).

As of right now I am unemployed or I could say I just became my own boss with the job title of “Independent Freelancer”, which sounds pretty cool to me. Now if I can just figure out how to make that job title bring in some cash to live off of. Sure I read lots of blogs and stuff about others making a living online but so far I ain’t quite figured all that out. I’m sure all this new freedom will finally hit me once I arrive in Alaska..right now I’m still to tired from packing/moving to feel anything.