While I was sitting at the Phoenix airport for my flight to Alaska, I happened to watch quite a few different children use the escalators. It made me wonder..there were very young children who ran right to the escalator and jumped on it by themselves even though some adult was calling to them and telling them to wait. Obviously those kids were in a hurry to get somewhere and laughed all the way to the bottom of their escalator ride. For them it was exciting to be able to do something on there own, all by themselves. Some were ready to ride the escalators up & down a few times. For the families who had lots of time to wait for their flights, some parents had a hard time keeping their youngsters away from the escalators…always telling the kids that they would get hurt, kidnapped or just needed to stay where parents could keep an eye on them. Geez, what a way to make a kid scared of his own shadow and too afraid to try anything new. Course there was some kids who must of already gotten to that point because they screamed bloody-murder when someone tried to make them go anywhere near the escalator. Geez, wonder what they will be like as an adult.

Well after a childhood of watching some shows called Grizzly Adams & Swiss Family Robinson, I finally got to Alaska on March 31st. Believe me, Anchorage is nothing like those old shows. Anchorage is just another city with to many drunken weird people in it. But I guess so far the weird drunks do make for good entertainment when I have to go downtown. I have heard comments that Anchorage is “half an hour away from Alaska”. So I’m assuming that the Grizzly Adams type location is half an hour outside of Anchorage in some location that can only be reached by seaplane. There are places that can only get mail by plane…they have a zip code, but they don’t have electricity or running water.

I’m staying at the Spenard Hostel. It’s in what used to be the “wildest” part of town. I guess we still got quite a few bars and massage parlors around. I actually like this side of the city better then downtown. It seems quieter to me. A few people in the hostel went on a 2 day camping trip somewhere near “Nancy Lake”. I’m not really sure yet where that is but got a kick out of hearing the stories on how they got lost trying to find their cabin. The houseparent, Rachel,  that got hired in late January is hoping for a teaching job next year…somewhere off in the “Bush”.

Yesterday I went to a job fair for a company that I had actually applied to 3 years ago. After printing out my profile page from their company website, the folks doing the interviews were surprised to see me. I told them that seeing as they never contacted me while I lived in Arizona that I just had to finally come to them. One lady told me that was gutsy! They were supposed to call me back today…only I found out last night that the office shuts the phone off until 7pm, in the winter, when the office is open 7pm-11pm.. this afternoon I have noticed that the office phone says someone left voice-mail today, so I’m hoping it’s a call for me telling me where to go next with some job. This company has 10 different restaurants at the airport. Now with 10 restaurants..how can I not get a job?

It’s been about 33-41 degrees outside since I have gotten here. For me it’s cold but all the local people think it’s pretty warm. Everytime I see people run around in shorts or flip-flops, I just think they are nuts.