Hard to believe I have been in Anchorage for a whole month now. There is still alot of things in Anchorage I have not seen…and I probably will never get around to see it all. Basically Anchorage is just another city; much like any city in any state. Not really the picture I would conjour up whenever I would think of what Alaska was supposed to be like.

Of  course I would have to arrive just a week before the newspapers stated that we passed the record for the snowiest Winter on record. And now someone mentioned that we might get more snow tomorrow, so I guess Winter isn’t over yet.

I am hoping (and waiting) for a Summer job in Cooper Landing, which is about 2-hrs South of Anchorage. It’s a server job, in a little (sorta) remote fishing lodge, which will be a bit different then what I am used to but hopefully I can handle it. Just gotta keep telling myself that it’s just for a Summer. The area all around Cooper Landing looks great…with lots of trees and the river is right across the street 🙂 I have talked to the owner/manager (not totally sure what Charlotte’s title is) and I know that she did 1 reference check, and I faxed back the paperwork she needed to do my background check. So now I am just playing the waiting game….oooh my patience will be put on trial this week. LOL

Tomorrow is payday from my very, very short job at Wendy’s….I’ll get paid for a whole 3 nights. Oh well, I will use that to buy a few supplies that I’m sure I will need once I get to Cooper Landing. I never did figure out why Wendy’s left my name off the schedule.

This week Anchorage is starting up a trolley that goes around to different areas of the city, and someone gives a narrative history talk for $15/hour. I want to do that before I leave here. Might end up being my favorite activity here.