Moose at Gwin’s Lodge


These twins were born either early this week or late last week. This picture was taken across the road from where I live now near the Upper Kenai River.

Earlier this week while all my co-workers and I were having dinner, the mama moose ran past the window…wow, I never knew moose could run so fast.  Hope I am never in their way when they are in a hurry to get somewhere.

I saw moose before while living in NH, and we had elk all around the Grand canyon while I was there, so these Alaskan moose don’t scare me at all. Now the idea of seeing a bear  (to close) scares the crap outta I don’t go walking much around here.

Now for the business~~The store is open but don’t think any customer has stopped in to buy anything. Probably because from looking at the outside of this business it’s really hard to tell that we are open.  I am still waiting for the restaurant to open. There is still lots of work to do around the property,  but not much that I can actually do myself, So I haven’t really done much of anything the last few days.

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