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Nomad: Tent Living

Employee Tent Housing~After


Someone grabbed my attention to nomadic/ tent living pictures on pinterest earlier this week, so just wanted to share my own pictures here. 

The top picture of the orange Coleman tent, was from when I went camping on May 14th-May16th. The first night I was so cold, I went to sleep while wearing my coat hat & gloves and woke up to find the tent completely covered in frost.

First time I ever bought my own tent and first time I ever tried to set 1 up by myself. I ended up getting help with this tent. They are not as easy as the instructions make them look. I gave the tent away when I came to stay at Gwin’s Lodge. I figured I couldn’t store it anywhere (seeing as I couldn’t even fit  it back into the store-bought box that it came in. and I didn’t plan on trying to use it again. 


The before & after pictures of the employee tents are here at Gwin’s resort. I think only 2 guys have just started using them this week. But I actually think they are pretty cool.  There is electric outlets inside for anything I would need to plug something in and there is a lightbulb in the middle of the tent…but I still got my indoor/outdoor lantern so light would not be a problem.  Actually I might give the lantern to Drew when I leave, seeing as he is always going off hiking & camping all over the area. Now these employee tents would be especially cool if you didn’t have to share the tent space with anyone.

 I think from now on, I will stick to camping in places that are warm & dry  enough so I don’t need to carry my own tent, or I’ll go to places that have employee tents or cabins or just any ol’ space available. But I like the idea of just keeping enough stuff with me so that I can pick-up & go whenever the mood suits me. 

Actually I told Charlotte (the general manager) last night that I was leaving on Monday, July 2nd.


Pics of the day



Now actually these 2 pictures are not mine. 1 of the guys working here went fishing last weekend and he took these and posted them on facebook (which is where I snagged them from). Yesterday after dinner, I got a hint of a story about a bear chasing him across the river, but I didn’t get all the details.

Today I found another blog from someone else in Alaska..they had gone to Seward for a halibut derby…they caught 2nd place: 181 pound halibut…geez what in the world did the 1st place fish weigh??? I mean, holy crap that fish weighs more then I do.

ok, I need to go get more coffee and figure out what I am gonna do for the day. Right now its cloudy and just a tad bit chilly, but I’m sure it will warm up like it did yesterday afternoon. Yesterday was 1 of those days that even I started sweating buckets and had to take my hoodie off 🙂

What I will miss

Image These are called “Harlequin Ducks” and they are just the coolest looking ducks I have ever seen. Never saw 1 before coming to Cooper Landing,AK. The last time I walked down to road to where this picture was taken I didn’t see any ducks and the rocks where they were sitting was all covered by water…obviously the water-level in the river had rose up.  It was fun to watch them dive under the water for food and then try to guess where  they would pop back up to the surface again. Once they were back up, they would float along down the river…always to about the same area and then the would fly back upstream to do it all over again.

I will also miss the midnight sun. Now even before I came up here, people would ask me how I would get used to that. Ha, for someone who could fall asleep with their light on having a midnight sun was no big deal. Actually it was quite nice to be able to walk around without having to worry about walking into something in the dark. Now I love the sunsets at the Grand Canyon and I have missed those since I came up here, but it always gets so dark after a sunset. Guess in order to have the sunset I gotta except the darkness that follows.

Well today seems to be a cloudy/gloomy day outside. I can hear jeff working in the bathrooms. Wonder if they will actually get done before I leave. We now have a few kids from China here…when I first saw Asian students working in Anchorage, I thought it was so wierd that the kids would apply for jobs at fast food restaurants in Alaska. Oh Well, when I get back to the Grand canyon I will have lots of Asian co-workers again.


Keith (owner of Gwin’s Resort) just posted this on facebook:

Length Of Visible Light: 23h 25m. Length of Day: 19h 03m. Tomorrow will be 0m 6s longer. Tomorrow’s the First day of Summer and Summer Solstice is Thursday!

Heading Back to GCSR

Well I got accepted back at my old job at the Grand canyon, and today got an email from my brother wanting all my info so he can book my flight back. The job won’t start until July 16th, but the flights are cheapest on the 5th because after that the price goes up. Now i got to figure out where to stay for 10 days.

Obviously this Alaskan adventure didn’t turn out like I wanted, and I will probably end up trying to save money every year just to take a weeks vacation back up here  to Seward or just somewhere in Alaska. Oh well, I have a bunch of postcards to decorate my wall with when I get back to the canyon.


This photo above was taken a few days ago. We had a mama bear and 3 cubs wander through the property…yup, right after lunch time. When did bears learn to tell time? Even though bear are out more often, I still walked down the road on Saturday to check for ducks. I didn’t see any ducks but did see a group of people on different rafts going down the river.

Anyways, no matter how cool it might be to see bear cubs and stand around with a few co-workers to get pictures of them. It will be even cooler to be able to walk around the Grand Canyon National Park at any time and not have to worry about bears being around.

Bear Country

I think we have seen the bear on the property 3 times now, since I have been here. Twice was just after meal-time. As if the bear knows what time we eat. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me the last time I saw him…and it was also the time he got the closest to the main house; coming right up to the door & window while walking all around the house.

Needless to say, I ain’t gone and checked out the baby ducks down the road either for awhile. Oh I love the ducks, but I don’t want to meet up with the bear along the way. it was pretty cool seeing the bear, but he sure does put a cramp in my style 🙂 Not sure I like living in a place that I don’t feel comfortable enough to walk all around.



Here is the bear wandering around checking out our dorm room area. Sure wouldn’t want to come around the corner at night by myself and find him waiting for anyone to come out.

Fishing season started today for the ‘sockeye salmon’. maybe that will mean the bear will move down to the Russian River area. It’s a few miles down the road and I have never walked that far to get any pictures of it. I’m happy enough just to watch the ducks in the Upper Kenai River.