Bear Country

I think we have seen the bear on the property 3 times now, since I have been here. Twice was just after meal-time. As if the bear knows what time we eat. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me the last time I saw him…and it was also the time he got the closest to the main house; coming right up to the door & window while walking all around the house.

Needless to say, I ain’t gone and checked out the baby ducks down the road either for awhile. Oh I love the ducks, but I don’t want to meet up with the bear along the way. it was pretty cool seeing the bear, but he sure does put a cramp in my style 🙂 Not sure I like living in a place that I don’t feel comfortable enough to walk all around.



Here is the bear wandering around checking out our dorm room area. Sure wouldn’t want to come around the corner at night by myself and find him waiting for anyone to come out.

Fishing season started today for the ‘sockeye salmon’. maybe that will mean the bear will move down to the Russian River area. It’s a few miles down the road and I have never walked that far to get any pictures of it. I’m happy enough just to watch the ducks in the Upper Kenai River.

One comment

  1. I think it likely that Mr. Bear has flunked his citizenship test regarding humans (the thou shalt not eat section), and thus should only be admired from a distance.

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