Well I got accepted back at my old job at the Grand canyon, and today got an email from my brother wanting all my info so he can book my flight back. The job won’t start until July 16th, but the flights are cheapest on the 5th because after that the price goes up. Now i got to figure out where to stay for 10 days.

Obviously this Alaskan adventure didn’t turn out like I wanted, and I will probably end up trying to save money every year just to take a weeks vacation back up here  to Seward or just somewhere in Alaska. Oh well, I have a bunch of postcards to decorate my wall with when I get back to the canyon.


This photo above was taken a few days ago. We had a mama bear and 3 cubs wander through the property…yup, right after lunch time. When did bears learn to tell time? Even though bear are out more often, I still walked down the road on Saturday to check for ducks. I didn’t see any ducks but did see a group of people on different rafts going down the river.

Anyways, no matter how cool it might be to see bear cubs and stand around with a few co-workers to get pictures of them. It will be even cooler to be able to walk around the Grand Canyon National Park at any time and not have to worry about bears being around.