Pics of the day



Now actually these 2 pictures are not mine. 1 of the guys working here went fishing last weekend and he took these and posted them on facebook (which is where I snagged them from). Yesterday after dinner, I got a hint of a story about a bear chasing him across the river, but I didn’t get all the details.

Today I found another blog from someone else in Alaska..they had gone to Seward for a halibut derby…they caught 2nd place: 181 pound halibut…geez what in the world did the 1st place fish weigh??? I mean, holy crap that fish weighs more then I do.

ok, I need to go get more coffee and figure out what I am gonna do for the day. Right now its cloudy and just a tad bit chilly, but I’m sure it will warm up like it did yesterday afternoon. Yesterday was 1 of those days that even I started sweating buckets and had to take my hoodie off 🙂


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