Employee Tent Housing~After


Someone grabbed my attention to nomadic/ tent living pictures on pinterest earlier this week, so just wanted to share my own pictures here. 

The top picture of the orange Coleman tent, was from when I went camping on May 14th-May16th. The first night I was so cold, I went to sleep while wearing my coat hat & gloves and woke up to find the tent completely covered in frost.

First time I ever bought my own tent and first time I ever tried to set 1 up by myself. I ended up getting help with this tent. They are not as easy as the instructions make them look. I gave the tent away when I came to stay at Gwin’s Lodge. I figured I couldn’t store it anywhere (seeing as I couldn’t even fit  it back into the store-bought box that it came in. and I didn’t plan on trying to use it again. 


The before & after pictures of the employee tents are here at Gwin’s resort. I think only 2 guys have just started using them this week. But I actually think they are pretty cool.  There is electric outlets inside for anything I would need to plug something in and there is a lightbulb in the middle of the tent…but I still got my indoor/outdoor lantern so light would not be a problem.  Actually I might give the lantern to Drew when I leave, seeing as he is always going off hiking & camping all over the area. Now these employee tents would be especially cool if you didn’t have to share the tent space with anyone.

 I think from now on, I will stick to camping in places that are warm & dry  enough so I don’t need to carry my own tent, or I’ll go to places that have employee tents or cabins or just any ol’ space available. But I like the idea of just keeping enough stuff with me so that I can pick-up & go whenever the mood suits me. 

Actually I told Charlotte (the general manager) last night that I was leaving on Monday, July 2nd.