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A day to Remember

Yes, it’s 9/11 again…and my son is still in Afghanistan. He has been to Afghanistan & Iraq to many times to keep track of.

Anyways a couple nights ago at work…after watching people come into my cafeteria, I came to the realization that the most crabby & unhealthy looking people were the same people who wanted extra bread with EVERYTHING. Even if bread wasn’t included with what they ordered…like they “needed” 2 rolls with soup…usually soup don’t come with any bread”. If they ordered Chili in a bread bowl they would ask for extra rolls or grab a handful of crackers to go with the chili. Last night we had a family come in with 3 kids and 2 of the kids were running all around and yelling…and yes they had to have extra bread too.

Now when ever we get guests come in with a gluten allergy, they are usually slimmer, have more patience, and are more healthy looking. Now this all had me thinking…does wheat really make that much of a difference??  What could be in wheat to make this difference? I don’t have an answer for that but I am really starting to think twice about what type of foods I order at work.

I’m in the process of re-organizing the pages I like on facebook (boy is that gonna take awhile) but I found alot of new pages about health stuff. Yes I know getting my healthier is more then just ‘liking’ pages on facebook. If I can talk the talk, then I need to walk the walk…so to speak.

Hey if my son can spend many years in a war zone defending people’s rights and/or trying to make sure everyone has a few freedoms…then the least I can do is make sure that I live my life the best way I can. Otherwise what does that say about his efforts?


Yes, I am back

Wow–didn’t realize it has been sooo long since I posted here. Well it’s sorta hard to post here from my cell phone. Yup I finally started joining the rest of the society and use a cell phone…I even use it to text and check my email.

OK~I am now a line server at Maswik Cafe. It did not start out to great but to sum it all up; I think the managers have learned to leave me on the “homestyle” station. Forget this rotating idea and sticking me in any other station where I end up getting frustrated, confused and just not being able to handle everything that needs getting done. Just leave me where I am comfortable, and where I am able to do the job all by myself. Sure the sunset tour rush hour can still get hectic but as long as I am on homestyle then I don’t care.

Last week we had a ‘turkey meatloaf’ special. I decided to try it…it was pretty good but WAAAY to much food. I was stuffed for hours later, and I couldn’t even finish the stuffing & gravy. I rarely eat gravy but tried it with this meal.

Sometime in the middle of August I hurt my knee. I went to the clinic and after getting x-rays, I was told that I have degenerative cartlidge erosion. My mom’s sister told me that it runs in the family. (How come I couldn’t inherit anything positive?)  I went in on a Thursday and got weighed then I went back into the clinic on the following Monday (4 days later) and got weighed again…only the 2nd time I was wearing a knee brace. Well 4 days later and with extra weight of a knee brace and I actually weighed 2 pounds L-E-S-S!!!!! How is that possible???

I still weigh alot more then I want to. Forget jokes about “muffin tops” or “flat tires around my middle” at the rate I am going I will be the butt of “beach whale” jokes soon. A friend here at the canyon has started a new ADVOCARE program and is trying to get me to buy into it. I guess its working a little for her…but it is to expensive for me. Besides I don’t want a program where I just buy their diet/energy shakes & snacks. I live in the real world and want real food.  So I will keep searching other ways to lose weight. Besides if I get bored I could drink an energy drink and then still want junk to munch on….believe me there is NO energy drink invented to give me REAL energy, where I want to get up and do stuff, and no energy drink is going to stop me from snacking. Its never happened before from any other diet drinks.