I just signed up for the “GRANDEST LOSER”. Now some people on facebook have already asked what I was talking about. Well it’s our community’s version of the reality show..BIGGEST LOSER. Of course it won’t be as entertaining as the TV show and Jillian Michael’s won’t be screaming in our faces.
But we do have the option of getting a personal trainer. $75 for 4-60 minute sessions, or 8-30 minute sessions. I will see if I can start on next payday and do the 8 sessions. That will still take me till almost the end of this contest. The personal Trainer will be here to discuss things with at 5pm (another hour from now)

Now I have heard that it’s rude to ask a girl her age. Well you can go ahead and ask me as I have no problem with that number…I will be 49 years old next March. Getting closer to the BIG -50-. I am quite proud to admit that I have survived that long. Believe me, it ain’t all been easy. BUT the number I usually hate to admit is the number on the scales..that number scares the crap outta me. BUT I will tell you today I weighed in at 183 pounds…getting way to close to the 200 mark.

I won’t say I want to just lose weight…hell I don’t wanna “lose” it, I wanna get rid of it-kick it to the curb and never find it again. Actually, I assume if I weigh less then my knees & back won’t hurt as much.