I have been back in my childhood “home” state for 3 weeks. When I got here I weighed 178.6.         I was so excited because the first 2 days I was here I lost a bit over 2 pounds..but since then I have gained it back (plus extra). I now weigh 2 pounds more then when I got here.         I am not eating as much as I was when I was in Phoenix. The problem is that I am also not walking as much either. YES, I know all about  “calories in-VS-calories out”.

Part of my problem right now is that I still don’t have my own kitchen. I am staying with family. My brother has a kitchen that could be seen on HGTV and there is no way I am going to mess it up or take a chance of breaking anything. My brother & his wife will be gone for about 3 weeks in July..so I will get to use the kitchen then.

While I love spending time with my Aunt Geri, She loves to get fast food & desserts when we are out running errands together. It’s not that I don’t like the ice cream or the chinese buffets…I just don’t like the added weight or the gassy feeling afterwards.

Today is Sharon’s birthday & yesterday was Matt’s birthday. So today for lunch I did have Sharon’s yummy homemade coleslaw & potato salad & chicken, and then we all had cake and ice cream.