Yesterday after eating my yogurt, I got in a conversation with an ex-coworker through text messeges about greek yogurt not being any better then regular yogurt. So I decided to look a few facts up online. Well I was pleased to tell him that my blueberry greek yogurt has LESS sugar, LESS salt & MORE protein then his regular blueberry yogurts. The “fruit-at-the-bottom” style regular yogurt is even worse. Only problem is that I ate the last one, so hopefully I can get to a store and buy some more soon. I noticed that my sister-in-law has some plain Greek yogurt in the fridge, so maybe I can just get fresh berries to add into that.

I stepped onto the bathroom scales this morning and somehow I lost about 3 pounds within a 24-hour period. So today’s weight is 177.8. Now how in the hell is that possible? And does this mean it will continue to go down or will it bounce back up again tomorrow?