ImageImage I’m still trying to get good pictures with the camera on my cell phone. .Anyway the 2 pics above were the start of my breakfast today. After a few bites I had to add in my trail mix, because I had to much plain greek yogurt in this. Took me almost an hour to eat it all. Course I was busy at my desk, designing stuff on zazzle while I was eating too.

The part of today that really needs a “do-over” has to do with Sharon’s garden. Now I really like gardens and she does a good job tending to all her fruit trees, flowers and the veggie garden. I will try to remember to post pics of the garden later this Summer.                       But oh-my-god, Allan sure freaked out about it today and I got stuck listening to it. Hell I am sure the neighbors heard his opinion about it too. So I will be hiding out in my room for the rest of the day. No way am I dealing with anyone’s attitude today.