These 3 pillows would actually look alright in my nephew’s room..well my nephew is away in college so it’s my room for now. Now some people would want to sleep with all 3 pillows at the same time. But not me, that would be to uncomfortable.

Now that fun pillow was done with a picture I took in a restaurant while I was in Anchorage,AK. I had a “Chicken Fruit Salad”. It was huge & yummy. Yes, I am one of those silly people that takes pictures of food.

I like the message on this pillow, and should have put it on both sides.

Why am I thinking of sleep? Because I seem to just be tired alot lately. It’s weird but I am more tired now then I was when I was living in the homeless shelter in Phoenix. How can doing nothing make a person so darn tired? I bought vitamins and typing this post now reminded me that I needed to take one today. So even though I know I don’t eat enough now, I still try and make sure to take vitamins.

At least by not eating as much (well not this week anyways, because I ain’t staying over at Aunt Geri’s) I am losing the weight that I gained from the last time I stayed over at her place. Just my luck, that will mean she will be back over soon to see if I want to go visit her for a couple days.

Well I guess I will go lay down and read for awhile. I’m still reading “The Burn Farm”, which is a true crime story that took place in NH.