The title of this post, is a saying that came about during the 60’s (I think) in the Vietnam war when soldiers would tell one another “Cover my a$$, I’m going in”. Obviously the person saying it was about to do something dangerous and wanted someone else to protect them.

Well Today, I have had to deal with different people working in another kind of government environment…actually I have been dealing with them for almost 2 months now. I should have remembered that old saying right from the start. From now on I will write down and/or email myself (easier to print out later when needed) every single time I call the office and keep track of who I talk to, along with the date & time. So when employees in this office want to claim that they never get the required paperwork, I  can have documented proof that they are full of crap. Do whatever it takes to avoid any future aggravation. So when $h!t hits the fan, you come out clean, no matter what. Now because government employees are clueless, I get to go in for another Face-to-Face interview with them next week. Hopefully my steam don’t boil over because right now I would like to rip their office apart.

If there was ever a day where people could make me wish I had some vodka…it would be today. Unfortunately I only have ginger ale and some cashews to snack on. Well I am ready to go read a book till I fall asleep.