Monday, July 08, 2013

We have about 25 more weeks till the end of this year (yes I am already counting).
I got to thinking that if I lost…no, got rid of 2 pounds a week, then I would be 50 pounds lighter by New Years. Now usually I can sit here and read stuff online about how to do it, but in my real life it never works because I don’t have my own money for grocery shopping or my own kitchen to prepare food.

But I gotta find a way for this to work!!!

Now there is a scale in the bathroom I use, and I step on it quite often. Sometimes a few times a day. The number goes up & down alot even within the same day. So this morning I got out my tape measure and decided to wrap it around my middle where it met at my belly-button. I looked down and saw the number 46.5 inches.
Now I wear my the waist-band of my pants up higher then my belly-button, but this seemed to be a good spot to remember where to keep track of measurements.
If I am able to lose the 50 pounds by the end of the year, then I haven’t got a clue what a good number for a measurement would be right now, but I do know that 46+ inches ain’t it.

It would seem that the scale isn’t all that reliable and maybe the tape measure might give me a better

Actually with 1 broken tooth on the top, and an abscessed tooth on the bottom, this should be the perfect time to start losing weight.