I have always been in the habit of making lists. Sometimes I will even make the same list a few times and leave it in different places. My oldest daughter had once told me that I make lists for EVERYTHING, and I make more lists then anyone else she knows. She would laugh if she found shredded up paper in the trashcan because she knew if she put the paper back together like a puzzle that it would be one of my many lists.

I still make lists for trivial stuff, but not as often as before. Course now I can’t remember shit without writing stuff down in a list or on a calender. Supposedly some people say I am OCD because of it. I say they are full of hogwash.

So anyways, This week seems to be getting busy. Here’s my schedule so far…

Today/Tuesday: Organize my desk

Tomorrow/Wednesday: Get house ready for when Sharon comes home

Thursday: Go with my aunt to her Dr. appt

Friday: Hopefully the washer gets fixed so I can do laundry

Weekend (Sat & Sun): hopefully I get to enjoy some of my town’s 250 year celebration

Next Monday: I have a Dr. appt @ the spine clinic in Dartmouth


Well I need to get back to organizing my desk…I spend my time with my laptop then I do organizing anything else which is why that job takes so darn long. Earlier this morning, my laptop decided to put  itself in “hibernation” mode and then wouldn’t let me turn it back on for awhile. Guess I need to put this week’s schedule on a calender in case I can’t get to any list on my laptop.