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My Sweet Gherkins

Now I had stopped buying pickles for myself over 14 years ago. But yesterday I bought a  small jar of them and ate some with my lunch today. They were pretty good. Good enough to have more tonight with dinner.

      Funny how 1 little food item, can make soooo many memories….times when my mom used to make a variety of pickles every year when I was a kid, or when my ex – fiance (R.I.P.) hated pickles and always complained when fast food restaurants would automatically put pickles on every sandwich.

     Anyways, I am spending Christmas by myself again, only this year it’s with my jar of gherkins & a store-bought pumpkin pie. I hope the rest of you are having a nice holiday, as for me I will be glad when the holiday season is over.


Job Wanted: Now!

I have been searching for jobs that don’t require any cards…food handlers card, a health card or a TAMS (alcohol) card. Which means no jobs in a restaurant, hotel, daycares,  gas station,  casino, or any cafeteria in schools, nursing homes or hospital.  Well that takes care of alot of places in Vegas.

So what’s left? There are a bunch of telemarketing jobs around. I have applied for part-time jobs at Target, Kmart, Toys-R-Us, AT&T, and I have an interview tomorrow with a company called RGIS for an “Inventory Taker” position.  It’s for doing inventory at different businesses like Walmart,  Family Dollar, Sally’s Beauty Supply, The Burlington Coat Factory,  Kohls, Home Depot, Big Lots, 7-11, and also medical pharmacy places.

Now I just have to find some business casual clothes & shoes to wear for my interview, color my hair and hope I don’t run out of gas before I even find the office. It’s in a part of the city that I don’t go to very often. Having an excuse to go shopping might be fun if I had any money to shop with.

If I get this job hopefully I don’t have to drive my own car to stores and have to prove that I got insurance because I did not pay my insurance last week, so I probably don’t have it anymore.  I need a job before I can even make my car payment next month. Geez, it’s almost like I am to poor to work…to poor to pay for my car & to poor to pay for cards.