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My Walk to Work

Yesterday I walked to work again. I worked in the men’s apparel dept fixing up the display of hats, gathering up a bunch of stuff that customes had thrown all over racks & stuffed onto shelves…it becomes a time suck for me to have to pick up after everyone. Now before you say, that’s your job which it is – think about your behavior for a second. If your kid tried on every piece of clothing in their closet and then just threw it on the floor for you to hang back up would you be annoyed? The answer is yes unless you’re in complete denial. The same applies to you, when you try something on, just take a second to hang it back up on the hanger. We’ll be forever grateful and have more time to actually help you with more important things. The last few hours were spent trying to reorganize the shelves of men’s pants. Making sure the Levi’s Dickies, Wranglers, and the sweatpants were all in the proper place according to colors and size

On the walk back home I stopped in at a Del Taco. I drive by it alot but had not stopped in there in the 4 months that I have lived here until then. I ate a chicken burrito & fries while sitting there and took 1 of their chicken fresca bowls home to eat later. It was the first time I have ever eaten those and it was pretty good. It was basically black beans, grilled chicken, diced tomatoes, and cilantro, over some kind of lime rice.

I still have some grapes at home, that I had bought from Walmart the other day. I was reading online today that grapes help reduce your chance of getting lung cancer & emphysema. It was the first article I have seen with that info and at the moment forget where I saw it, so I ain’t sure how reliable it is.

Got a text from the temp agency saying they wanted me to work at Walmart again today at 10:am. But I had to text them back to remind them that they already have me scheduled to work Nascar at 11. Geez, did they really think I could be at 2 places at the same time? Been on my feet so much this week that it will be nice to take a break. I had told the Walmart manager that I would be back Monday. That’s one of the advantages of working for a temp agency and not Walmart… I get to make my own schedule and I tell Walmart when I will be in.


Why I’m Walking to Work

Yeterday as I was leaving to head out for work, I got a flat tire before I even got out of the parking lot of the apartment complex. I was able to turn around and get the car back in front of the apartment. I was so frustrated that I stayed home yesterday.

Today I left early enough to walk to work. Took me 30 minutes to walk to Walmart. I got there early enough to grab a breakfast burrito from Subway before I had to clock in. After I got out of work, I went shopping for bagels, goldfish crackers, grapes and a magazine. Then it took me 40 minutes to walk back home.

I have a donut tire in the trunk of my car, but I have never changed a tire and I ain’t starting now. There isn’t really anything I really need a car for right now. Just think of all the gas money i will save this week. The only thing bad about having a flat is that I can’t get to the gym. I guess with all my extra walking I don’t need the treadmill but I will miss the rowing machine.

I am glad now that I have the day shift at the store close to home instead of the graveyard shift at the other store I was at before because I would not walk that far in the dark. This closer store is better organized and easier to work in, even though I mostly work in the apparel dept. Hopefully soon I can get back into the Health & Beauty dept.