Quite a bit has happened the last few months, that I have not blogged about. I lost my car twice…this last time, it was repoed because while it was gone the 1st time I was having a hard time getting work assignments from the temp agency. Without the work, I was unable to pay for the car.

No, I ain’t getting the car back. I had gone over 10 years without a car before I had even bought this car last year. So I have plenty of practice being car-less. I now don’t have to worry about the price of gas, getting a flat tire, paying for insurance or parking space anywhere.  Being car-less, is also making me rethink about the other stuff I own. Everything I owned fit into my car, which is where I was keeping most of  it, the whole time I have been in Vegas. Seeing as I have been crashed out on my friend’s sofa I did not have my own room. She owns a dog who will chew up anything..she has chewed & ruined my blankets, my work shoes & socks, a comb, and my mom’s hoodie. So it was just safer to keep stuff in the car.

On June 5th, I am flying out to South Dakota to work at Mt.Rushmore. The airline I will be on, allows 1 carry-on along with my purse…luckily my laptop fits in my purse. Most people would freak out and declare it impossible to live with such a small amount of stuff. But I have always said that having a minimal amount of stuff makes life easier. You have less laundry to do & use less laundry soap, You can get by with smaller closets and/or bureaus, less stuff to keep track of, and a whole lot easier to move again when this Summer job is over.

So as long as I have the laptop, cellphone, wallet & all my I.D. items in my purse, camera around my neck, and black pants, black socks & work shoes that are required, along with my coat so I don’t freeze in South Dakota, then I will be able to survive anywhere. Actually I might mail my work shoes & hiking boots on ahead. I need to make sure that my carry-on luggage will fit.

Now you can find quite a few blogs on the subject of “minimalism/ minimalist lifestyle”, or a few years go there was a challenge going around in the minimalist world about owning only 100 items. I think I will have the beat by a long shot.  About the only thing I really see me buying this Summer is a tablet because my died on me. I like the tablet for games when I am bored and for all the free books I downloaded onto it. Real books are nice but sooo hard to carry around on a bus or plane. But with a tablet you can travel with a few hundred books that fit in your purse.