I love seeing new locations, I love the idea of a new job…learning something new, love meeting new people, but I absolutely H-A-T-E packing.

When I arrived in Vegas, I  had a car crammed full of stuff. There was no room for a 2nd person in my car and I had a hard time seeing out the back window because of all my stuff. Now to pack up and leave with just a small carry-on bag and a small box to mail out means most of my stuff will be given to my roomie or thrown in the trash.

I already know basically what I am taking with me, so why is this task so hard. I go through this almost everytime I move. Packing up literally makes me paralyzed. Hell if I was watching anyone else go through this, I could easily walk into the room with huge trash bags and order them around like a military drill sergeant until everything was packed. I know I could because I have actually done that years ago. But now I have been sitting here for the last 5 days doing nothing…the sofa is cluttered with my stuff, I have more stuff out on the patio.  Oooh I get to scream at myself in my imagination telling myself what I “should be doing” but I just can’t seem to get off my lazy ass and actually do it. The rare times I don’t get mentally paralyzed from packing/moving…is when I own almost nothing to really pack.

Solution: stop shopping!!! I just have to learn not to buy anything. Except food & bathroom supplies because neither of those will stick around very long. But I need to stop buying clothes, books, & stupid little trinkets. Hopefully I remember this after I get to Mt.Rushmore. The only thing I really need to buy this Summer is a battery & memory card for my Big camera.

I know the minute I am done packing and heading to the airport…I will feel better,  relaxed. I leave a week from today, so I guess I just need o get through 7 days of stress.