Technically I leave tomorrow but it’s in less then 24 hours, so it’s close enough to call it moving day.

I finally took the small box to the post office today to mail out. It cost about $18.50 for the box and $3.50 for the tape to secure the box. The post office won’t just let you use their tape for free instead they make you buy a whole roll.

Anyways after unpacking & re-packing the box a few times, I finally sent it with my sheets, 2 bath towels, washcloths, PJ’s, hats, small camera, a Grand Canyon bag and maybe some tiny odds & end misc stuff.  I should receive it by Thursday.

I got a call from a friend that’s already working @ Mt. Rushmore and she told me that the employee shuttle is doing a special run up to Rapid City to pick me up at the airport. They will be bringing other employees also and will take us all for a quick trip to Walmart. So I can buy stuff that I won’t be bringing with me on the plane…like shampoo,noxema, mouthwash, instant coffee, and whatever else I can think of later.

I still need to finalize what I am bringing in my carry-on luggage. I keep changing my mind. The list of items are actually shrinking. I don’t want to carry a heavy bag through the airport and I don’t want to worry about the bag not fitting into their size requirements. I keep telling myself that as long as I only bring what’s required then I will be fine.