The small box that I mailed out to myself arrived today. So now I have my PJ’s..I had been wearing my gym pants to bed so far. But seeing as my roomie likes to have the windows open all night and a small fan going, I can snuggle up warmer under my blankets now.

The gym that was advertised in this location’s web page, is actually just a small dorm room with a treadmill, 1 step machine and some other piece of gym equipment. I must not of been to impressed because I can’t even remember what it was. I don’t really think many people use them. I am on my feet so much for work that I am to tired afterwards to bother with it anyways.

It’s a rainy foggy day outside. When I took the shuttle up for lunch today, I could not even see the president’s faces on the mountain. For lunch we had yummy veggie lasagna, some type of pulled pork over bow-tie noodles, potato wedges (I forget what meat went with those), oh I am soo thankful for the salad options & fruits. I think I saw meatloaf as an option for dinner tonight, but I ain’t going up to eat tonight because I don’t want to miss my trip to the Black Hills Playhouse. I get to see the final rehearsal for the play “To Kill A Mockingbird”. The playhouse is in Custer State Park, which is one of the places I wanted to see this Summer.

Unfortunately I won’t be taking the camera with me, so hopefully I can get back to that park after I buy accessories to go with the digital camera. Then I will be able to post pics of this place online. I will get back around midnight tonight, so it’s a good thing I have tomorrow off too. My roomie will be gone tonight to visit family and then she is off tomorrow, so she will be going up to Rapid City for a job interview. It will be interesting to see if she stays at Mt Rushmore for the whole season.

MoRuNow I got that picture from a google search, but it’s what you see (without the rain & fog) when you leave the gift shop and walk out towards the mountain.