Wow, I have been here over a week now. Like every place there are some good & bad stuff about the location and there is good & bad points with this Summer job. The friends that got me this job have already put in their notice to leave. They will leave on July 6th. My roomie had a job interview in Rapid City on Friday, and sent me a message on facebook saying that it was great. I assume I will get more info later today when she returns to work.

Yesterday, I also found an ad in the paper for nurse’s aide training (CNA) in Rapid City & Sturgis, SD. I will call the number listed in the ad later to get more info. But the paper says that it’s a 2-week paid training. That’s better then the 6-9 weeks that I find in other states. Had a traveling nurse come through my register in the gift shop yesterday. I think she was on vacation between jobs at the moment. But now that’s something I used to want to do. Hmmm, could I really still do that?? I assume the benefits & housing would be better for traveling nurse’s then it is for seasonal worker’s.

Yesterday, I got a bit ticked off at 1 of the other cashiers but later learned that she is our manager’s niece and she is only 16 years old. Seeing as she is still a kid I guess I can learn to give her some slack. Most of the time I really like my job. Yesterday we had a children’s author in selling his books. The kids really seem to like him and his books, as we sold alot of them.

I will probably never get used to the schedule for mealtime or the shuttle. That’s the 2 negatives about working here. I guess I got used to working at the Grand Canyon and having their schedules. Even though I like my job now, I doubt I would come back to this location…just because of their scheduling for meals & shuttles.

We had ice cream for dessert on Friday, from what I hear that’s a Friday tradition. I took a small bowl of “Mint Chocolate Chip”. This week I start  work at 8:30, so I just have time for a bowl of cold cereal & banana for breakfast before I clock in.  But I am scheduled to get out at 5:00pm so I have a little more time for dinner before catching the shuttle back home.

Ooh, I must tell you, my favorite thing about this week. I went to watch a play at the “Black Hills Playhouse”. 1 of the recycling guys drove me and 1 of the international kids(from Thailand) there. The play was “To Kill A Mockingbird”. Now I had never read the book before this. Now I have read the Cliffnotes version online. The play was great, I really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the ride there..most twisted road ever with cool-looking old-style wooden bridges. But it’s not a road I would want to travel on during the Winter.