Yesterday was my 1st payday here at Mt Rushmore. I arrived here late in the pay period so I only got 32.17 hours. We get paid every 2 weeks, so a normal pay period should be 80 hours. My check was actually more then I expected. Before I got here I was told that my room & board would be $98/week. Well either it’s actually a little less then that or just because I was not here for a whole week, they did not take out a whole weeks worth of room & board.

Anyways my room and board came to $70:  $20 for rent & $50 for meals. I was told that you pay for meals whether you eat them or not, but from now on I will keep track of how many meals I eat to see if it really see if the meal charge changes at all.

I had enough in my paycheck to pay Cindy back for my plane ticket. Now I have $20 left. With meals & rent taken care of, I only absolutely need to make sure I have enough change for laundry. Right now money for anything else is extra.  Ben & Cindy want to go out for dinner tomorrow night in Keystone for Ben’s birthday. So that dinner will be an extra. It seems almost silly to go out and pay for a dinner,”if” we will also be charged for a dinner at work that we won’t even be eating.

Ben & Cindy have changed their leave date. Then will be gone next Wednesday, at the end of the next pay period. They are moving to Michigan. I should have just over 80 hours on my next paycheck and hopefully the direct deposit kicks in, so I can shop on amazon. I want to get stuff for my camera before I take the trip to “Crazy Horse”. My camera accessories are the only thing I really wanted to make sure and buy this Summer.

We have an employee appreciation Day once a month here. This month it was yesterday. That means we got a special dinner last night and almost everything in the gift shop was 50% off. I did not need anything, so I did not buy anything. Sure there are some nice shirts & coffee mugs that I like but I need to remember that whatever I buy now, I will have to pack up later when this job ends in September, and I already know that I hate packing and lugging stuff around airports or bus stations.