I have Thursday & Friday off again this week, so this is my new weekend for now. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, which was a bit surprising after the heavy rain, lightening and then a hail storm the night before. So far today it’s another sun-shiny, bird-chirping day

Yesterday after breakfast, I went to check out the museum here. It’s the 1st time I have been to it. It’s pretty cool if you’re into history, politics, and sculptures. They also have a nice bookstore. Afterwards, I rode to Keystone with the shuttle driver. He had to get gas for our shuttle so I ran into the little country store to get chips. Yes I know chips ain’t good for you, but I had to be quick as the driver had a schedule to keep. I just needed something so I could get change to do laundry today.

I went back up to the employee dining room (EDR) for lunch. I had ham, sweet potato, peaches. and a small piece of chocolate cake…I won’t grab that cake again. it was toooo chocolaty, tooo rich & sweet. Just the peaches would have been enough. I wasn’t really hungry at dinner time, so I skipped it. But later I did have a tiny package of craisins & an orange while sitting in my dorm room. This morning seeing as I have the dorm room to myself (roomie went to visit family) I skipped breakfast and just had coffee & another orange in the room. We are not allowed to cook in our rooms. We are probably not supposed to use the coffee pot either, but I am glad that my roomie brought it.

Late last night, I happened to be downstairs with a group of the kids. Belle mentioned that she was a “National Park Brat”. Like the military brat who grows up moving from 1 military base to another, Belle grew up moving to different National Parks. Her parents worked in Zion, Crater Lake, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, and somewhere in South Carolina & Tennessee. I think she said that she will be going back to Death Valley when our jobs at Mt Rushmore is over for the season. Hmmm, I had thought about applying there again. (didn’t get the job before) If no other job appears to me, then I need to get more info from her about Death Valley.

Somehow I must of twisted my knee again yesterday, because last night it started hurting when I walked or just put pressure on that leg. Luckily I can walk better today,  so I can carry laundry downstairs.  The laundry room is downstairs near the community TV room. There is a bookshelf crammed with books, magazines & jigsaw puzzles. I grabbed a couple books to read 1. The Weird Sisters, by:Eleanor Brown 2. Whiskey Sour, by: J.A. Konrath & 3. Critical Conditions, by: Stephen White. I have lost sooo many books during all my traveling. I had bought a kindle in 2012, but it got stepped on and broke, then my tablet died on me while I was in Vegas a couple months ago. I could carry the whole bookcase in those electronic gadgets, which was easier to carry when traveling.books-1