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Schedules & Routine


That picture above is the schedule for the shuttle that takes us up the hill to work & meals (in the concessions building) or 2-3 miles down the road to the little community of Keystone. Now if you can follow that schedule then you are doing better then some people who work here.

I usually start work at 8:30am, so I usually catch the 7:35 bus to have breakfast first. I am saying usually because this morning I overslept, and did not even get out of bed until 8:20am. So that meant I was going to be late to work because the next shuttle would not be at the dorm until 9:00. I was not walking up that hill.

Oversleeping enough to miss work is a rare thing for me. I think I only did that once in the whole 6 years that I worked at the Grand Canyon. At that time, 1 manager was soon shocked that she refused to write me up for it, but did get concerned enough to ask me what happened. Well this time my only reason is that I was so busy last night downloading pictures that I stayed up till around midnight. At Mt. Rushmore I don’t think they ever write up anyone for being late to work.

Tonight, I already took a Tylenol PM, to make sure I will be snoring away by 10pm at the latest. I want to make sure I don’t get so distracted by anything on the Internet that I lose track of the time. So now I will go make sure I have my uniform ready for tomorrow. Life runs smoother if I get ready ahead of time, Instead of jumping out of bed late in the mornings and running around with some type of brain -fog and always forgetting stuff.


Spur of the Moment Trip

When I went up for lunch today, I saw a notice on the bulletin board for a trip to Reptile Gardens or Walmart in Rapid City. Well I don’t really need to much at Walmart, at least nothing important. So I went to Reptile Gardens. It’s one of the places that all the employees get into for free. 3 of the employees had stuff to do in Rapid City, so I went to check out the reptiles all by myself, which was probably better because then I didn’t have to worry about how long I stayed in the area with all the lizards and exotic birds. I really liked that area. But it sure was hot in there.

My laptop takes forever to download pictures onto any website but here are 2 that I did not put on facebook. I only saved 165 pictures on my camera and about 2-3 dozen on my tablet. It’s quicker to download pics to sites with the tablet…it just doesn’t zoom in on stuff like the camera.7.24.15 114

7.24.15 101

I was @ Reptile Gardens sweating my butt off for about 3 hours today, so I had to get a strawberry shakes to cool off. Luckily tonight we got a short rain shower & thunder which should help cool the air. I never would have guessed that South Dakota could get so hot. I am glad there is an big ice machine downstairs in the laundry room, because I need ice now.

So overall my weekend was good, and I already have something planned for my next weekend. Need to make sure my camera battery is charged up for that. I only have 1 battery and it died out today because I had not charged it up for a couple weeks.

Good Night 🙂

Thursday’s Dinner Treat


Sorry about the blurry picture.

It’s a dinner salad with salmon on top. The salmon was good but it was obvious that it wasn’t “Alaska” fresh. See I like to compare the fish I get all over the country to the fish I had in Alaska. I guess if I want really great salmon then I need another trip to Alaska. Kerry also had a small side salad and some salmon.

Today I found a job online for a gift shop associate in the Tampa airport that pays $13/hour. I lived in Tampa for about  7 months in 2006-2007, and have an ex-coworker from the Grand Canyon that lives in St. Petersburg, which isn’t all that far from Tampa. Going to Tampa for the Winter would be nice. Now that I have my big camera I would love getting pictures of pink flamingos, Gasparilla (I call it Tampa’s version of Mardi Gras), Ybor City, and people’s silly lawn decorations at Christmas time…hey seeing Santa on hammocks sipping umbrella drinks was silly to me.

If I could work in the Tampa airport for 6 months and then transfer to an airport in Alaska for 6 Months, then that would make for a pretty great year. Course I have already been to both states, so that doesn’t get me to anywhere new. But there are quite a few places in both states that I did not get to see when I was in them before.

Correct Change Please

I stayed home today, and was getting ready to go downstairs to wash some laundry. I was looking for quarters to put into the washer & dryer but all I had was a pile of pennies, and a few dimes and nickels. I used to keep all my change in different Pringle chip containers, but my quarter container would be empty. No matter how much money you have if you don’t have the correct coin to put into a washer…then all you have is dirty laundry. In my case,  I had dirty bedding because I spilled a cup of coffee on the sheets.
I finally saw a co-worker coming back upstairs after doing her laundry, and asked if she had anymore quarters. Luckily she did so I traded her for some dimes & nickles. Seeing as most of my money is on my debit card, I will have to see if anyone will trade me quarters for 50 pennies next time I want to wash my work uniforms.

Some people have done away with writing checks (me included), which when you get a new job and to set up paychecks to be direct deposited, the HR person always wants a voided check. I always have to tell them that I don’t write checks. I am smart enough to get a statement from the bank with the routing number and whatever other info they need. So if I don’t deal with checks or enough correct change, then I hope soon that washer & dryers will allow you to use an ATM card for laundry.

Here at the dorm, we all got a notice on our door that there will be an inspection sometime between today till the end of the month. So during the daytime, while I am at work I will hide my roomie’s coffee pot because I am pretty sure it’s 1 of those things that is not allowed  in the dorm rooms.  Could you imagine me not having a coffee pot around? Well actually there is a microwave downstairs in the community room to heat up water for instant coffee, but it’s convenient just stay in my own room. The rules about what we can have are stricter here then they were at the Grand Canyon. One of the young international students working here was sitting outside 1 night and asked if she was in prison.

My New Tablet

I signed up for an unexpected trip to Walmart in Rapid City, the other night. So after grabbing a few food items I went to the entertainment/electronics department. It cost more than I expected and more than the 1 I found on Amazon. But it’s a bit bigger and has more storage then my old tablet.

My old tablet died while I was still in Vegas. I missed being able to do some things on the tablet that I can’t do on my outdated laptop…like play canasta, backgammon, and farm heroes saga. I also miss reading free e-books. I still remember when I got my first Kindle years ago, and my friend Kathleen told me all about free e-books. I have been hooked ever since.

I will have to write to amazon and explain that I have a different e-reader to see if I can download some of the same books I had before. This morning while trying to get fictional books about the Amish all I could get was a message  saying that I already purchased the book. I also want the books by: Patricia Cornwall & Dean Koontz  that I had before. Today I found 2 books by: Harper Lee that I must read. I went to a play here in South Dakota, last month,  about her book “To Kill a Mockingbird “, and loved it. Now I must read the book, and Harper’s new one.

One nice thing about ebooks, is that you can read anything in public and nobody knows what you are reading. You can read trashy mind-numbing stuff all day long without hearing any comments about it being a waste of time. To be honest, what is your impression  of someone reading trashy romance novels?

Some people like my brother like real books that you hold in your hand and turn a page. My brother built a library/office in his home and it’s actually 1 of my favorite rooms in his house. But I like e-readers too. With my lifestyle, it’s easier to carry thousands of books around in my purse on my tablet. I can travel easier with my e-reader then my brother can with his library.

Today’s Lunch

I just got a new tablet last night, so I brought it with me to the employee dining room today at noon for lunch.  Now if I can figure out how to post on this site from the tablet, that will be a real accomplishment.


From the color I will assume there was paprika all over the chicken. It had a bit of a kick to it but still good. For dessert I had vanilla ice cream with diced pineapple on top.   I forgot to check and see what was planned for dinner tonight. I will probably just stay home anyways. 


It’s Dinnertime

Last night I went out with 4 co-workers for dinner. We went to a place called “Grizzly Creek Restaurant” in Keystone, South Dakota. It’s the first time I have gone out to eat anywhere in Keystone. Usually at work if a tourist asks us where to eat, Grizzly’s is a common answer from most of my co-workers.

Ok, the food taste good but it’s to expensive for me. 2 ladies just had a huge dinner salad with chicken in it. 1 lady had fish tacos and my roomie & I both had burgers & onion rings. I had mushrooms & swiss cheese on my burger. My meal came to about $14.65, which is a bit more then what I would normally pay for a meal anywhere. I guess I am used to Burger King’s prices…from the dollar menu.  The waitress forgot to give us the local discount..not even sure how much the discount would be. Even though my burger was good, I won’t order it again. If I ever go there again I will stay with the cheaper appetizers. Someone else told me recently that they like “Teddy’s Deli” because it’s quick and no tipping is expected.  So maybe on my next weekend I will try that place, just to be able to say I tried a few different places in Keystone after I leave here.

For now I am tired and my feet & back hurt from work. It was a crazy-busy day in the bull-pen. I had a tourist come in and pay with her credit card…her real first & middle name was “Sunshine Day”, she got excited when she saw my name tag that says SUNNY. Yes folks, if anyone who knows me on other sites or worked with me @ the Grand Canyon, my boss here at Mt Rushmore spelled my name  different then you’re used to.

I have eaten a can of peaches & a protein bar in my dorm room for tonight’s dinner. It’s only about 8:30pm, but I already took Tylenol PM so I am going to get ready for bed now. Tomorrow is my Friday. Tomorrow night we might get rain & thunder, which will be a good thing.