Well the day I have been waiting for has finally arrived, and I was up at 4am checking to see if my check was direct deposited. Luckily the direct deposit started today so about 4am, I was shopping on Amazon. I got my memory cards, and USB cable for my camera, a prepaid minutes card for my phone and some snacks.

I won’t know exactly how much was taken out for rent & meals here at work until I receive my paystub, but it must be more then what I had expected because only $440.67 was put into my bank account. But hey that’s better then nothing. It could of been half of that, but I assume the garnishment stuff has not caught up with me yet. Which is strange, but sooo nice for my shopping today.

This week, I had gotten a call from a Walmart in Spearfish,SD. That’s about 1.5 hours North of me. They wanted me to come in for a job interview, but unfortunately without a car I can’t get there. They will hold my application and told me to re-apply after 60 days. My season at Mt Rushmore ends in about 90 days.

Today is my Friday, so I might even take myself out to dinner later in Keystone.