Remember I said yesterday that I went shopping on Amazon. Well it seems that I used a new debit card that had not been activated. So this morning, I had to email the bank to find out why I couldn’t use the card, then I had to go back into amazon and cancel all of yesterday’s order and then re-order some of the stuff…only this time I had to have it sent faster which cost a bit extra. I had to do this so I could make sure to have everything I wanted before my trip to Crazy Horse on the 9th.

I also changed the order to include some DVD movies. I wanted something to do during the evenings besides just hanging around facebook. Some of the DVD’s come in a set with 4 movies on each DVD. DVD’s don’t take up as much space in luggage while traveling like books would, so it’s much better entertainment.

I also received my paycheck stub at work yesterday. Work is actually taking out $98 each week for rent & meals. Yes, that’s $196 from every paycheck. Yup I have to pay for meals whether I eat them or not. So today I made sure to go up for all 3 meals. My roomie gets bored easily and likes to go out to Keystone for drinks & late night meals and right at this very moment while I am typing this now,  is wondering where her money has gone to. I might be a bit boring, but I know where my paycheck is. I can also guarantee that I will still have money left by the time we get paid again in 2 weeks. Now that I have done my shopping for today, I don’t foresee any major shopping for the rest of my time here at Mt. Rushmore. Oh sure I might buy a new shirt when I go to Crazy Horse, but I only have 2 T-shirts & my gym shirt to wear right now when I am not working anyways, so an extra shirt will be alright.

I found myself online today..on a website that I had forgot all about. I’m not sure sure what the purpose of this site is for, but here is the link to it. Yes, I updated it today.