Last night I went out with 4 co-workers for dinner. We went to a place called “Grizzly Creek Restaurant” in Keystone, South Dakota. It’s the first time I have gone out to eat anywhere in Keystone. Usually at work if a tourist asks us where to eat, Grizzly’s is a common answer from most of my co-workers.

Ok, the food taste good but it’s to expensive for me. 2 ladies just had a huge dinner salad with chicken in it. 1 lady had fish tacos and my roomie & I both had burgers & onion rings. I had mushrooms & swiss cheese on my burger. My meal came to about $14.65, which is a bit more then what I would normally pay for a meal anywhere. I guess I am used to Burger King’s prices…from the dollar menu.  The waitress forgot to give us the local discount..not even sure how much the discount would be. Even though my burger was good, I won’t order it again. If I ever go there again I will stay with the cheaper appetizers. Someone else told me recently that they like “Teddy’s Deli” because it’s quick and no tipping is expected.  So maybe on my next weekend I will try that place, just to be able to say I tried a few different places in Keystone after I leave here.

For now I am tired and my feet & back hurt from work. It was a crazy-busy day in the bull-pen. I had a tourist come in and pay with her credit card…her real first & middle name was “Sunshine Day”, she got excited when she saw my name tag that says SUNNY. Yes folks, if anyone who knows me on other sites or worked with me @ the Grand Canyon, my boss here at Mt Rushmore spelled my name  different then you’re used to.

I have eaten a can of peaches & a protein bar in my dorm room for tonight’s dinner. It’s only about 8:30pm, but I already took Tylenol PM so I am going to get ready for bed now. Tomorrow is my Friday. Tomorrow night we might get rain & thunder, which will be a good thing.