I stayed home today, and was getting ready to go downstairs to wash some laundry. I was looking for quarters to put into the washer & dryer but all I had was a pile of pennies, and a few dimes and nickels. I used to keep all my change in different Pringle chip containers, but my quarter container would be empty. No matter how much money you have if you don’t have the correct coin to put into a washer…then all you have is dirty laundry. In my case,  I had dirty bedding because I spilled a cup of coffee on the sheets.
I finally saw a co-worker coming back upstairs after doing her laundry, and asked if she had anymore quarters. Luckily she did so I traded her for some dimes & nickles. Seeing as most of my money is on my debit card, I will have to see if anyone will trade me quarters for 50 pennies next time I want to wash my work uniforms.

Some people have done away with writing checks (me included), which when you get a new job and to set up paychecks to be direct deposited, the HR person always wants a voided check. I always have to tell them that I don’t write checks. I am smart enough to get a statement from the bank with the routing number and whatever other info they need. So if I don’t deal with checks or enough correct change, then I hope soon that washer & dryers will allow you to use an ATM card for laundry.

Here at the dorm, we all got a notice on our door that there will be an inspection sometime between today till the end of the month. So during the daytime, while I am at work I will hide my roomie’s coffee pot because I am pretty sure it’s 1 of those things that is not allowed  in the dorm rooms.  Could you imagine me not having a coffee pot around? Well actually there is a microwave downstairs in the community room to heat up water for instant coffee, but it’s convenient just stay in my own room. The rules about what we can have are stricter here then they were at the Grand Canyon. One of the young international students working here was sitting outside 1 night and asked if she was in prison.