Sorry about the blurry picture.

It’s a dinner salad with salmon on top. The salmon was good but it was obvious that it wasn’t “Alaska” fresh. See I like to compare the fish I get all over the country to the fish I had in Alaska. I guess if I want really great salmon then I need another trip to Alaska. Kerry also had a small side salad and some salmon.

Today I found a job online for a gift shop associate in the Tampa airport that pays $13/hour. I lived in Tampa for about  7 months in 2006-2007, and have an ex-coworker from the Grand Canyon that lives in St. Petersburg, which isn’t all that far from Tampa. Going to Tampa for the Winter would be nice. Now that I have my big camera I would love getting pictures of pink flamingos, Gasparilla (I call it Tampa’s version of Mardi Gras), Ybor City, and people’s silly lawn decorations at Christmas time…hey seeing Santa on hammocks sipping umbrella drinks was silly to me.

If I could work in the Tampa airport for 6 months and then transfer to an airport in Alaska for 6 Months, then that would make for a pretty great year. Course I have already been to both states, so that doesn’t get me to anywhere new. But there are quite a few places in both states that I did not get to see when I was in them before.