When I went up for lunch today, I saw a notice on the bulletin board for a trip to Reptile Gardens or Walmart in Rapid City. Well I don’t really need to much at Walmart, at least nothing important. So I went to Reptile Gardens. It’s one of the places that all the employees get into for free. 3 of the employees had stuff to do in Rapid City, so I went to check out the reptiles all by myself, which was probably better because then I didn’t have to worry about how long I stayed in the area with all the lizards and exotic birds. I really liked that area. But it sure was hot in there.

My laptop takes forever to download pictures onto any website but here are 2 that I did not put on facebook. I only saved 165 pictures on my camera and about 2-3 dozen on my tablet. It’s quicker to download pics to sites with the tablet…it just doesn’t zoom in on stuff like the camera.7.24.15 114

7.24.15 101

I was @ Reptile Gardens sweating my butt off for about 3 hours today, so I had to get a strawberry shakes to cool off. Luckily tonight we got a short rain shower & thunder which should help cool the air. I never would have guessed that South Dakota could get so hot. I am glad there is an big ice machine downstairs in the laundry room, because I need ice now.

So overall my weekend was good, and I already have something planned for my next weekend. Need to make sure my camera battery is charged up for that. I only have 1 battery and it died out today because I had not charged it up for a couple weeks.

Good Night 🙂