That picture above is the schedule for the shuttle that takes us up the hill to work & meals (in the concessions building) or 2-3 miles down the road to the little community of Keystone. Now if you can follow that schedule then you are doing better then some people who work here.

I usually start work at 8:30am, so I usually catch the 7:35 bus to have breakfast first. I am saying usually because this morning I overslept, and did not even get out of bed until 8:20am. So that meant I was going to be late to work because the next shuttle would not be at the dorm until 9:00. I was not walking up that hill.

Oversleeping enough to miss work is a rare thing for me. I think I only did that once in the whole 6 years that I worked at the Grand Canyon. At that time, 1 manager was soon shocked that she refused to write me up for it, but did get concerned enough to ask me what happened. Well this time my only reason is that I was so busy last night downloading pictures that I stayed up till around midnight. At Mt. Rushmore I don’t think they ever write up anyone for being late to work.

Tonight, I already took a Tylenol PM, to make sure I will be snoring away by 10pm at the latest. I want to make sure I don’t get so distracted by anything on the Internet that I lose track of the time. So now I will go make sure I have my uniform ready for tomorrow. Life runs smoother if I get ready ahead of time, Instead of jumping out of bed late in the mornings and running around with some type of brain -fog and always forgetting stuff.