I keep wondering if I would be alright with staying in South Dakota all Winter. There is a rooming house in Rapid City for $300 a month. There is also a nursing home company with jobs & CNA training. Rapid City also has 2 Walmarts, so if I couldn’t get into any Healthcare job then maybe I could work at Walmart again. So many “what ifs”, “maybes” & “should I try'”. What if I stay and fail again, like most every time I leave the security of the national park jobs?

I did apply for work in Death Valley, Glacier Park & the little community outside of Grand Canyon. I was also thinking of checking out Big Bend and a place in Utah for Winter work. Yesterday at work, I got a little tourist book about Yellowstone. It’s a location that some coworkers  go for jobs but I have never been. They would all be secure but their rules about housing and meals would also be annoying.

One thing about staying in South Dakota for the Winter, is that “IF” I could get a job here then it would be easier to save money for another car. I found a lot of cars online around here that are quite a bit cheaper to buy. Then it would be easy to visit all the cool places in this part of the country. Yeah I never knew this area had so much stuff to see before I started working here in June. Makes me wonder why this state is not more popular.

So do I stay or do I go? I just don’t know. 4 more paychecks until this Summer season is over…and then what???