Yesterday I went on an employee trip to Walmart in Rapid City. Found out they are hiring “greeters” for $9.40/hour. The Subway inside Walmart is also hiring. I liked working at Walmart when I was in Vegas, but being a greeter seems like a boring job. Well I will apply for it anyways.

Anyways while shopping I decided to check on blood sugar monitors. Finally with the help of a random stranger waiting in the pharmacy check-out line, I bought the ReliOn monitor. I did not test myself until this morning after waking up late (if you want to call almost 6:00 am late). I got a reading of 101. According to everything I have read, results of 101-125 means you are pre-diabetic.

It’s about 9am now and I still haven’t eaten the apple. It’s hard to eat while busy typing on my tablet. But I will eat it before going down to the post office in Keystone this afternoon. I need to send out souvenirs to my youngest daughter for her 5 month old son.
While I am in Keystone I will probably get lunch at Teddy’s Deli. I haven’t been in there yet and a couple other people working around Mt Rushmore seem to like it. I will get a picture of it later.

Other news from this past week:  I finally moved downstairs in the dorm…in my own room!
Oh ( /) (\) (/) (\) that’s me doing a happy dance. I also got notified that I did not get the Winter job in Death Valley. 2 of the kids here had also applied there and they also got turned down for jobs there. I have other apps out, but really thinking of just staying in Rapid City for the Winter.