I wasn’t feeling so great this morning so I stayed home from work. When I went downstairs to the community room to use the microwave for lunch, I found this puzzle and decided to bring it up to my room. I love doing puzzles and consider them a relaxing activity.
Now some people think puzzles are either frustrating, boring or just a waste of time. I have never been able to really clear my mind enough to meditate so maybe doing puzzles is as close as I will get.  There have been studies done that say keeping your mind active is 1 way to prevent dementia. So I will enjoy this puzzle for my health. There is a website called “Ravensburger” that has a puzzle with up to 32,000 pieces, and it’s over 100 inches long. Don’t think I will be doing anything that huge for awhile.

Now while I was doing this puzzle, I ate crappy food. Then this evening I felt terrible and decided to check my blood sugar. I got a reading of 225. Wow! That just might be the highest I have ever personal least the highest I have ever tested at. So afterwards I  started drinking extra water. Not sure if you can flush out excess sugar or not, but water is always good for something.

It’s after 10:30pm now, so time to turn this tablet off. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow for work. Will check blood sugar again in the morning before I leave for work. I will have better control of my eating tomorrow at work. I assume there will be the usual chicken or fish and I will load up on the veggie salad.