Saying goodbye again


BeBe with her pink striped hair was leaving, to go back home to Thailand. It was funny (and sad) to watch her pack and leave. I already miss the kid. But I can hear her singing on videos that she puts on facebook.


A group of 12 co-workers went out to eat in a little ghost town. Pretty sure that the only thing left in town is the “Gaslight” restaurant. For $1,100,000.00 you can buy the whole town. I am standing behind Johnny & Kerry. They went back home to Florida. The rest of us still here still tease each other about taking “Johnny breaks”. His 15-minute breaks could sometimes end up being 45 minutes.


This is Lucie, from Czech Republic. Her smile lit up any room…especially when she came up to the dining room on her days off. Always in some groovy colored active sports pants like the ones in the picture. She was ready for any adventure.

Now it’s my turn to leave. After stressing out whether or not to take the cafe worker job at the Grand Canyon,  I finally got accepted yesterday for a retail job in Death Valley. I fly out on Monday the 28th. I will be there until May 11,2016. So that means I will be celebrating the Winter holidays and my birthday  with the desert lizards. Actually 1 of the kids here at Rushmore  will also be at Death Valley, working as a cook.

Oh boy, now whoever reads my blog will learn how to “live it up” in the hottest place in the USA. Hopefully I don’t spend the whole Winter with visions of the old cartoons in my head, where bugs bunny crawls around the desert looking for water and has hallucinations about seeing a mirage that actually looked like Scotty’s Castle, Which is located in Death Valley…Wonder if that old cartoon was filmed in Death Valley.

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